Case Study:

My Flash

Buy airtime, data and electricity on the go. Pay bills from the comfort of your own home and send money to your loved ones in Zimbabwe and Lesotho. No Credit Card, no fees.

Project Overview

We used the following technology to achieve the desired outcome.

Core technologies used:

  • Android Native

My Flash

The MyFLASH app allows you to top-up your own phone or someone else’s, no matter where in the world you are. Send a loved one a gift of mobile top-up in minutes!

  • With over 400 operators worldwide, MyFLASH is a market leader in international mobile top-up
  • You can recharge your own phone or a loved-ones from anywhere in the world in minutes.
  • Send top-up to over 140 countries including Poland, France, Romania, Spain, Ireland, UK, USA, Jamaica, Colombia, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Philippines to name a few.

Native Android Development.

We worked alongside the internal Design & Development teams at Flash, to build this application.

  • Native Android Development.
  • Integration with Rest API.

Web Portfolio

Please view some of our featured web design and devlopment work below.