Earned Media Marketing

Earned Media is not paid for or created by your company or brand. Instead, it is attention received from outside sources.
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What we offer

If the content is naturally relevant, useful or interesting, people won’t hesitate to share it. At Digital Maven, we know how to create interesting content, build strategic relationships and leverage social media in a way that will get people to notice, remember and share your brand or message.

We can get in touch with bloggers to discuss how they can share your brand, product or service with their followers in a meaningful way.


Viral Marketing involves producing content (e.g. Videos) that people love to share. This can be used to create brand excitement.


Leave Media Relations to us. We’ll get in touch and form relationships with media representatives in the digital space for press opportunities.


Managing your online community can be tricky and time-consuming. We’ll take care of clients, reward brand advocates, deal with complaints and excite potential customers.

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